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One of a kind, complex, vortex shaped, large models ideal for large 3D printing purposes

Team members

Since the idea of 3D-printing towing tank models raised, our team has worked hard to accomplish what we already have achieved. During the project kick-off in October 2015 we were uninformed and even a bit naïve but in the months after it all went off without a hitch. We knew our targets and we learned every day. We visited dozens of companies and wrote hundreds of e-mails. At first, we acted slightly mysterious about our vision. Later we switched to almost full transparency. Nobody told us it was impossible..


Joep Grapperhaus

The combination of Industrial Design and Marine Engineering will have advantages when figuring out the complex aspects of this technological innovation. With a passion for 3D printing and the Marine world the connection is obvious. At 10-XL it is his primary task to establish the innovative assembly line for one-of-a-kind products.


Gerbert Smits

With his successful years of experience in company leading and related business activities Gerbert will be the outspoken candidate to tackle this innovative ideal and to raise this company to global recognition. Gerbert already has complete experience in 2D and 3D scale model production for visual purposes and is now fully ready to take the leap in raising this new business developing company to international proportions.


Linda van Hal

Linda is an enterprising and passionate account manager, internationally oriented and with an eye for new business. As our chief sales officer she will keep contact with national and international relations, suppliers and customers. With a wide variety of skills and familiar languages Linda is the obvious candidate for this function.

Global delivery

World's largest 3D printer

  • .
  • Cutting-edge thermoplastics
  • 20m print length
  • Innovative layer removal

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  • Shorter lead time
  • Less manpower
  • Lower cost
  • Cradle to Cradle

3D printed towing tank models